Personalise your rental property

Just because you rent your property doesn’t mean it has to feel as though you are an intruder in your own home! Whilst there will obviously be a number of contractual limitations on what you can do in order to make your rented property unique to your own style, there are also a number of simple ways in which to achieve this without upsetting the status quo.

We shall assume at the outset that the property you have chosen to rent is unfurnished. Generally unfurnished property attracts a lower rental value and tends to suit the tenant better than furnished property where sometimes the landlord’s taste may not be the same as your own.

Personalise your rental property

Whilst the initial outlay of choosing an unfurnished property may put off some tenants who have little furniture of their own, items can easily be added as and when you can afford them. Local auctions are a fantastic place to buy second hand furniture at extremely reasonable prices and with today’s trends in decoration, the addition of a coat of paint to an old wooden side table or chest of drawers will completely transform the item and allow you to stamp your own personality on your surroundings.

Personalise your rental property

In almost all cases you will be tied to the wall colour of your chosen property although it may be worth checking with your agent or landlord to see if you can change the colour at your own expense. Don’t forget however that any changes that you may be authorised to make will, in all probability, have to be returned to their original state at your own expense upon your vacation of the property.

Hopefully, if your property is carpeted, it will have been done so in neutral shades but don’t forget that you can radically change the look of any room with the addition of scatter rugs or larger carpets.

Personalise your property

House plants will brighten up any home bringing colour and can be used to fill redundant spaces but will need to be positioned to take advantage of natural light where possible. Further enhance your living space using colourful throws on drab furniture or make a statement by hanging your own curtains and changing ceiling lampshades! Never underestimate the impact of wall hangings, framed posters or pictures which will often transform a room and make the property feel your own. In essence, surround yourself with memories, family photographs, furniture and objects that reflect who you are and what you like.


Don’t forget that wall mirrors or freestanding floor mirrors can increase the amount of light in a dimly lit room and also provide an illusion of space where it doesn’t exist.

Personalise your property

The kitchen can often present a problem to tenants, particularly if the cupboard doors are a bit dated. Where possible colour match kitchen accessories such as tea towels and kitchen chair cushions to complement the colour scheme of the room and make the most of what you have.

Finally, don’t just concentrate on the visual impact within your rented property and remember that as well as sight, smell is an important sense which affects us all. Use plug-ins or fragranced room diffusers to give a welcoming and warm feel to the property. With a little thought and a clever use of what you have around you your rented property can quickly turn into your home.

Personalise your rental property

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