Remember, first impressions are key so make sure that the approach to your property is attractive and welcoming. Tidy the front garden, remove weeds from the driveway and wash external woodwork and windows. If your bins are out put them away out of sight.

A lick of neutral coloured paint is always a good way to brighten up your home and make it more inviting as well as covering up those old marks and holes you meant to do something about but never got around to!

Clean the property thoroughly and make sure that stale kitchen and other odours have been removed! Unblock drains and air the house properly. Consider brewing coffee or making bread to give the house an inviting aroma. Fresh flowers in the lounge or kitchen also adds to the overall effect and makes the area smell sweet.

We all collect clutter in our lives and frequently spread it randomly around our homes. Try to de-clutter whilst retaining some of your own personality in the property and consider using table lamps to light up dark areas within the house.

Step back and look at what you have done and ask yourself, “would I like to move in here?” If the answer is, “yes”, you are half way there!

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